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Posted at October 8th, 2019

RDV -Click Image To Visit SiteMusic is too precious and too important to limit access to it! Our mission is to bring the joy of music to as many people as possible, regardless of location, vocation, background, culture, or ability.

Proficiency in this Suzuki Book 1 course gives you the solid foundation you need to pursue ANY style of violin playing, from Bach to Rock!

I’ll walk you through book 2 as you learn to read music, master vibrato, and get enough tips and exercises to work on for many years!

In 8 months, your playing will be transformed! Suzuki Book 3 provides the perfect opportunity to lose that “beginner” sound and become a proficient, expressive player

Learn 24 great American and Irish fiddle tunes, PLUS the techniques you need to make any tune a foot-tappin’ show stopper!

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Just starting out? This course is for you. My systematic videos take a beginner all the way through Suzuki Book 1 in about 7 months (take longer if you need to).

When you’re ready for a bigger challenge, Suzuki Book 2 could be for you! I’ll give you detailed instructions on every song and help you finish book 2 in about 8 months.

Looking for a “lite” version of Suzuki Book 2? If you’re already studying Suzuki Book 2 with a private teacher and just want some help on the songs between lessons, this course is just for you!

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