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Learn Guitar – Free Guitar Tip – Online Guitar Lesson

Posted at May 1st, 2019

Learn Guitar - Free Guitar Tip - Online Guitar LessonClick Image To Visit SiteGet INSTANT ACCESS to over 140+ jam packed guitar lessons with tons of illustrations, guitar chord pictures, jam tracks, VIDEO, audio clips and more!

Master every guitar technique you’ll ever need to turn a pile of feeble chords into a crowd stomping performance!

Are you pulling your hair out in frustration because your learn guitar program is taking too long and costing you too much money?

Are you sick and tired of busting your butt painfully working your way through thick boring guitar books (full of nursery rhymes), following every guitar magazine routine, month after month and seeing no visible improvement in your guitar playing?

Oh, you will absolutely see some progress at the very beginning of your guitar playing. Everyone does! But no doubt you have also come face-to-face with the brutal truth that ultimately reaches out and smacks you on the head … this progress is only temporary as your guitar playing grinds to a frustrating halt.

I’m Convinced YOU Will Play Guitar in Less Than 60 Days … Once You Understand These Vital Musical Facts Of Life:

Now, if you’re anything like me I am quite skeptical when it comes to anything I see online. I always want to know some background information and credentials about the source of the information to put my mind at ease. So if you’re a skeptic (which is totally normal and healthy) then here is a little bit about me …

I ‘ve been playing guitar for the majority of my life. I started at the age of 13 years old playing for concerts, country dances and parties.

Maintaining a healthy balance of ‘street smarts’ and formal education, I have studied arranging and composition from Berklee College, Boston USA and recording engineering with Peter Miller – former producer for the Beatles (Audio Institute… Read more…

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